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Kevin DeBoard

Hi everyone, I’m Kevin, aka K2, aka "Gunner". I’m the guitar player for Time Machine, and this is a story about nicknames.

I was born and raised in central Pennsylvania. PA spawned the likes of Kix, Cinderella, Brittny Fox and the hair metal kings of the universe, Poison. As a young metal head, my friends and classmates gave me clever nicknames like “Lemmy” and “Ozzy”. I hated those. They weren’t particularly clever. Plus they were already taken. I’m still not sure if they were nicknames in the true sense or just names because they thought I was a goofball.

My 4 years of high school began with me on lead tennis racket, jamming to Kiss records pretending to be Ace Frehley and ended with me playing real guitar in a little cover band my brother and I had. We were opening shows for an early incarnation of Poison in bars and clubs we were too young to drink in, but apparently old enough to rock out in. Bret and Rikki went to the same high school, and took a liking to us after they whooped our butts in the high school Battle of the Bands. I still wonder if the judges knew they’d already graduated a few years earlier. Nonetheless, those opening gigs earned me a new round of bad nicknames


from Bret, who was old enough to drink, all too naughty to share. He used to scrawl them in huge letters on the dressing room wall with a Sharpie. There’s a club in Gettysburg with a Civil War ghost and my nasty nickname forever etched in time there.

Those guys moved to LA and became famous rock stars. I started heading West too and stopped in Minneapolis. The great MN weather was just too much to pass up. I’d long since gone back to being just ‘Kevin’, and skidded right into the Twin Cities music scene. I spent most of the last decade in the amazing cover band Series 5. As luck would have it, my S5 band mates gave me a new nickname, ‘KevMachine’. It probably had something to do with my robotic personality, or the fact that I like Rush a little more than pretty much anybody.

Either way, I’m positive it’s why Time Machine picked me over the billions and billions of other players they auditioned for their coveted guitar spot! They could have said, “We already have a Kevin, get to steppin’”, but they didn’t. ‘Time Machine’ + ‘KevMachine’…you can’t deny the glorious serendipity.

Alas, Jay felt the nickname was just a little too serendipitous. We tossed ‘K2’ around for a bit, but that’s just too confusing with the ski and the mountain and all that. One day Jay said I looked like a ‘Gunner’ and that was that. Well, he said I looked like a few other things first, but let’s not digress. Gunner it is! I will henceforth wear the name proudly in Time Machine and maybe even scrawl it on a dressing room wall or two.

See you at the shows!!!!

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