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Leisha Foss

Former Mrs. Minnesota Leisha Foss has been dedicated to her love of music since she first played her 45 records at the young age of 4. From that point on, life was about the music and the pursuit of singing whenever she could. As a young child, teenager, and young adult, Leisha sang for countless weddings, annual festivals, contests -- you name it -- Leisha was there.

Her first band was a country music band in Wisconsin where she would go to various cities playing outdoor festivals.

Throughout her career, she has always had a real passion for the gift of singing. She shares her enthusiasm and excitement on the stage with every member of the audience. Leisha has performed with Mortal Chaos, Public Reaction, and she has graced the stage with National acts Great White, the Atomic Punks, and various local acts. So excited to be a part of Time Machine!

Influences: Stevie Nicks, Heart, Lita Ford

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